Mens Stainless Steel Amur Tiger Ring

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Mens Stainless Steel Amur Tiger Ring

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King of the frozen jungle

Not much survives in the freezing wilderness of Siberia, but one beast thrives. Exuding confidence and power, the Siberian Tiger is the apex predator in nature's toughest habitat. As both the largest species of tiger and the largest species in the cat family, the giant beast fears nothing as it prowls. Even bears twice the height of this striped predator run scared when they see tiger tracks, because they fear the cat's intelligence and speed.

The Amur Tiger Ring is made of stainless steel as resilient as the wilderness predators, and is detailed with two-toned finished stripes that call to mind the tiger's unmistakable golden orange and black. It's a ring that says, look out. Of course, we can't guarantee victory if you start fighting bears in an unforgiving snowscape. And we definitely don't recommend roaring in public. But when worn with confidence, this ring sends a subtle but unmistakable message: Do not mess with me.

  • 9.7 grams weight
  • 7.8mm wide
  • 2mm high
  • available in sizes 8 - 13
  • Stainless steel