Men's Tungsten Draco Ring & Bracelet Set

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I've gotten many compliments on the bracelet and a few on the ring.
I've had a minor problem with the bracelet clasp releasing unexpectedly a few times. I recently lost the pin attaching at one of the crosses in the bracelet.
But overall I am very pleased that I bought this set. It's very classy looking.
It is a nod to being born in the year of the Dragon and being part Scottish.


Lakewood CO

Men's Tungsten Draco Ring & Bracelet Set

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How to claim your dragon

Intricate Celtic Dragon Design

A dense mist hangs over the Moors. Your sword is heavy at your side. Suddenly, up ahead, you hear what sounds like a low growl. You grab the hilt of your weapon and move toward the sound. Capturing a dragon seemed a lot less frightening when it was being discussed in the halls of the castle. But now the sense of an approaching monster is all too real. You take another step and draw your sword.

Dragon hunting in the Middle Ages was an intense endeavor that included cold sharp steel and hikes into dark forests. But today, we've made it easier than ever to land impressive dragon trophies. And the metal involved is a lot more impressive.

Our Draco Men's Ring and Bracelet are crafted from tungsten, one of the most amazing materials on earth. It's 71% denser than lead, four times harder than titanium, and used in rocket nozzles and armor-piercing bullets. Tungsten seemed the perfect metal to use to catch an immense imaginary creature (if you consider them imaginary). A striking Celtic-influenced pattern full of dynamic swirling detail runs along the full length of the ring and bracelet. Inside, the classic dragon's head design almost seems to burn with fire. But have no fear. You can claim your trophies. The hunt is over.

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