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Men's Turquoise Matrix Ring (3 1/2 carat)

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Men's Turquoise Matrix Ring (3 1/2 carat)

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At this price, the Turquoise Matrix Ring is the real deal

One way to spot natural turquoise is to see the matrix. No, not the sci-fi movie. We’re talking about the mysterious dark veins that run through natural turquoise gemstones. These veins are known as the matrix, and they’re the remnants of the rock that hosted the gemstone as it formed, over eons, from a collection of minerals to a fully fledged precious turquoise gemstone.

Our Turquoise Matrix Ring features a beauty of a turquoise stone, weighing a significant 3 ½ carats. This special stone displays the traditional green-blue beauty of fine turquoise, along with a matrix that’s individual to every stone, confirming its natural origin. 

The stone is set in a .925 sterling silver ring with antiqued and gold finishes creating a bold look that serves to highlight the turquoise stone and its matrix. Priced like this, the Turquoise Matrix Ring is the real deal.