Mother-of-Pearl & Sky Blue Topaz Luminosity Ring

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Mother-of-Pearl & Sky Blue Topaz Luminosity Ring

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Mama Mia

Mother-of-pearl & sky blue topaz are a shimmering vision of color and light

This ring is the very definition of luminous. Two treasures–– one from water and the other from earth–– combine to create a ring glowing with color and light. Completely natural, mother-of-pearl is the iridescent lining found on the inside of select shells such as oysters and abalone, and are made from the same organic material as history’s most precious pearls.

In the 15th century, Queen Elizabeth I gave this luminous substance its more familiar name “mother-of-pearl,” referring to the fact that these shells are the mother from which pearls are created. Sky blue topaz is aptly named, as its translucence and clarity is absolutely heavenly. The Luminosity Ring showcases 16 of these brilliant blue gemstones arranged in a diamond motif atop glistening mother-of-pearl. Set in .925 sterling silver, this ring is perfect for the one who brings radiance and light to your life.

  • (16)1mm Round cut Sky Blue Topaz
  • .925 sterling silver
  • Design:22x11mm Mother-of-Pearl
  • 5mm band
  • 5 garms
  • Available in whole sizes 5-10