Murano Glass Bangle

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Murano Glass Bangle

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A new twist on an age-old recipe

Genuine Murano glass from Italy with a secret ingredient

Artisans have been making one-of-a-kind Murano glass jewelry for over 700 years. One of the secrets of their continued success is the ability to refine and improve upon their age-old craft to keep it fresh and relevant. 

Manuela, creator of the Murano Luccicare Collection, knows this. She’s used a technique that requires a steady hand, patience and a whole lot of expertise. Manuela has applied a precision-oriented process called “Redentore Murrina” where she infuses Murano glass with silver and gold leaf along with filigrana canes. The result is a striking shimmering effect. 

Taking modern jewelry design another step further, she’s showcased two Murano glass beads glittering with shades of gold, copper and blue on a flexible 18K gold-finished mesh band. 

It’s hard to improve upon a perfect recipe, but it sure is nice to know it can be done.

  • Made in Italy
  • Murano glass infused with silver & gold leafing
  • 18K gold-finished.925 sterling silver setting
  • 21x15m Murano pieces