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Nebula Geode Pendant

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I ordered the pendant for my daughter's birthday. The pendant is about the size of a 50 cent piece, and it is a dramatic and stunning piece of jewelry. My only complaints are that although the colors are close to the illustration, they are a bit more subdued. I assume this is because all geodes are different. And the shipping cost was high, although I did save on the price.


Rancho Cordova, Ca

Nebula Geode Pendant

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Houston, we have a pendant ...

The Stauer Nebula is an out-of-this-world look for a down-to-earth price

When I promised to look everywhere in search of unique luxury looks for the Stauer catalog, I really meant it. And that includes the outer reaches of space, because some of nature’s finest creations are hundreds of millions of light years away. So as soon as I saw Hubbel telescope images of planetary nebulas— those interstellar clusters of swirling gas and dust in ever-changing cosmic formations— I knew I’d found my next mission.

The Stauer Nebula captures the extravagant extraterrestrial patterns of deep space, but we found it right here on earth. Made from a natural agate geode, the swirl of enhanced color resembles the most beautiful astrological works of art. Like deep space itself, the formation is always changing. And just as red dwarfs implode and white supernovas explode, the shapes and colors of every Nebula are unique, formed by geological activity from long ago.

Visiting the nebula is a mission for future generations— a dangerous and expensive one. But wearing the Stauer Nebula is a lot safer and considerably more affordable. When such a stellar look is available for such a down-to-earth price, it’s like the universe is trying to tell you something.

  • Agate geode Pendant
  • Natural geodes are truely unique, no two are alike
  • Yellowgold-finished setting
  • ~35mm diameter geode
  • 2 1/6" Drop Pendant