Nevada Blue Collection

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Nevada Blue Collection

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How one bold beauty tamed the Wild, Wild West

Our stunning Nevada Blue Collection recaptures the fearless, freewheeling spirit of an American legend

We've named this set "Nevada Blue," and it calls to mind the rugged, unpredictable beauty of the Old West and the women who roamed its landscapes like wild mustangs. Lottie Deno was one such woman, and without a doubt, she'd have spent her poker winnings on Nevada Blue.

Her daddy, an upper-class Kentucky farm-owner renowned for his gambling prowess, wanted more for his little girl than the life of a typical southern belle. So he took her along to the "Good Time Town" of New Orleans, playing the horses by day and the gambling halls by night. Lottie was a girl in a man's town but had the brains, breeding and bravura to succeed at flipping the paste boards (card-playing) just like her daddy.

Soon Lottie went west to seek her fortune. She was hired as a card dealer by Frank Thurmond, a part-Cherokee club owner, in the wilds of San Antonio, Texas. Lottie was a charmer: Frank's pal Doc Holliday adored her, in spite of losing $3,000 to her during one unforgettable card game. Frank fell for Lottie. The two eventually married, moved to New Mexico and gave up the gambling life. Lottie used her poker winnings to found the St. Luke's Frontier Church. Oh, sure. Lottie settled down. But she never lost that freewheeling spirit of the west. Our Nevada Blue Collection recalls the hallmarks of Lottie's frontier: clear blue skies, green grassy fields, and long, unbroken stretches of sun-drenched plain.

  • 1 pendant
  • 1 pair of earrings
  • 1 bracelet
  • Color Enhanced howlite
  • silver platedbrass
  • Chain not included (Add 16480)