Ocolo Necklace

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Ocolo Necklace

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The greatest story never told

Truth is bolder than fiction with a statement this big, blue, and brilliant

You could tell her how you escaped from the ancient Incan temple with this necklace by leaping over the booby trapped floor, ducking under a hail of poisoned darts, all the while pursued by a giant boulder. She'd gasp when you told her how you'd slid under the closing door, only to realize you'd dropped the necklace, then risked it all to roll back under and retrieve her gift, emerging into the daylight, prize in hand, just as the temple door sealed behind you forever.

But you probably don't need such a daring yarn to impress her. The Ocolo Necklace tells a story all of its own. First comes the knockout blue, a vivid shade that recalls the bold colors concocted by resourceful jungle shamen. Then there's the size. Gorgeous polished teal wedges are spread along the entire length of the 18" strand. The ancient, primal look makes such a striking visual statement, no tale of boulder-dodging and close calls can top it. Save your stories for another time. Sometimes it's best to stay quiet and let the jewelry do all the talking.

  • (62-70) 9.5-16mm x 23-42mm Stick shaped color enhanced Howlite
  • 18” Length
  • Base metal 2” extender and Lobster Claw Clasp
  • 248 grams or 8.7oz