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Opal Doublet Ring

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Opal Doublet Ring

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An heirloom in the making

Her great-great-grandmother's ring made it across the ocean, tucked away in the inner pocket of her great-great-grandfather's vest. He'd left the confines of 1800s Oxford, England to brave the sea and marry a (gasp!) American woman in New York. His family was shocked but his grandmother, however, presented him with a finely wrought opal ring with a stone the color of the sea. It was a doublet, made of natural Australian opal that has spectacular color and depth.

"Across the ocean you'll travel for love," she said as her hand closed his around it. "This will remind her of all you went through to be with her."

In present-day Manhattan, generations later, I held such a ring between my thumb and forefinger, hypnotized by the way the light picked up flakes of sea green against blue. I'm not just in the jewelry business, but in the romance and history business as well, and felt an immediate obligation to bring this to my customers. With help from my researchers and craftsmen, I've replicated the Opal Doublet as the original had been crafted over a hundred years ago — but amped it up a notch to make it better than new.

An opal doublet, that shines more vibrantly than the ocean on a sunny day, sits within an oval setting framed by intricately placed DiamondAura®. The open areas of latticework in the sterling silver band lets her skin give the design a natural background, and makes the Opal Doublet Ring unique to each wearer.

Definitely more affordable than a centuries year-old heirloom that crossed the Atlantic, but just as invaluable to the one who receives it.

  • 1.21 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)7mm x 9mm Oval Opal Doublet, 1ctw
  • (26)1mm RoundLab-Created DiamondAura
  • .925 Sterling Silver Setting
  • 17mm Wide
  • 4.5mm Band
  • Available in whole sizes 5 -10