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Opal & Helenite Miracle Ring & Opal Earrings

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Opal & Helenite Miracle Ring & Opal Earrings

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Rainbows on fire

The Opal & Helenite Miracle Ring and Earrings are an explosion of color

Sometimes we ask our designers to perform miracles, just to see if they can do it, and they never disappoint. Their most recent feat combined two forces that should extinguish each other, bringing together one gemstone born of fire with another gemstone born of water.

The Miracle Ring features a genuine 1 1/5-carat Ethiopian opal, formed over millions of years as water picks up minerals and deposits them in seams below the earth. The result is a stone with incredible iridescence, producing rainbows of color as you move it in the light. But our designers didn’t stop there, for gleaming from the rings shoulders are six stones of verdant green helenite— a stone formed from the fiery eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. 

The design team answered our challenge with the Miracle Ring. And, the price? That too is, nothing short of a miracle. So we leveraged our gemstone connections and did the impossible, giving a four-figured ring a two-figured price. To make it even more miraculous, the price includes a pair of opal earrings, giving you and additional carat of the magical rainbow gem.

  • Set includes Ring and Earrings
  • Gold-finished .925 sterling silver
  • Ring
  • 1 3/4 Carats total weight
  • (1)7x9mm Oval cut Ethiopian Opal, 1 1/5ctw
  • (6) 2.5mmround cut Helenite
  • (20) round cut The Ultimate Diamond Alternative┬«,DiamondAura┬« accents
  • 20mm Design
  • Sits 7 3/4mm high
  • 3mm band
  • 3 grams
  • Availablein whole sizes 5-10
  • Earrings
  • 1 Carat Total Weight
  • (2)7mm x 5mm Oval EthiopianOpals,1/2 ctw
  • Post backs