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Pamirite Teardrop Collection

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Pamirite Teardrop Collection

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It's all about the right altitude

Pamirite is only found in the Pamir mountain range- among the 
highest mountains in the world

We always go to great lengths to find rare and exotic treasures for Stauer customers, but now we’ve also gone to great heights. Pamirite is a new find, discovered 29,005-feet high at the top of the Pamir mountain range in Central Asia. The pink champagne-colored gemstone has the jewelry world talking both about its beauty and its rarity.

The find was quite small, and has not been replicated, and so supply of this new stone is limited. The Pamirite Teardrop Collection features genuine Pamirite, gathered from the mountaintop and carried down just for you. The stone has been given a teardrop cut to maximize its color and set in a daring double-swirl ring design of rose-gold-finished .925 sterling silver, then set with DiamondAura® rounds for maximum fire.

  • Set includes Pendant, Chain, & Earrings
  • Pendant: 3ctw
  • Pamirite stones withround lab-created DiamondAura accents
  • Rose gold-finished .925 sterling silver
  • 18" Rose gold-finished Chain
  • Earrings: 3ctw
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