Peace on Earth Pendant

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Peace on Earth Pendant

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Peace on Earth

Let your good will shine this season

The real meaning of the holiday season isn’t gifts or food or parties. It’s peace on earth and good will to all, and nothing symbolizes this better than the Biblical image of the dove carrying the olive branch.

After the Great Flood, Noah sent a dove to find dry land, and when the blessed bird returned carrying an olive branch, Noah knew the flood had receded and that God was at peace with mankind. Now it’s our job to be at peace with each other.

The Peace on Earth Pendant is a, 18K gold-finished, .925 sterling silver dove accented with six lab-crated DiamondAura® stones to represent the brightness of the future. 

Peace on earth may sometimes feel out of reach, but that’s no excuse to stop trying. So we’ve priced the Peace on Earth Pendant at a spirit-of-Christmas, good-will-to-all inspired price. Wear it wisely and spread the message of peace this holiday season.