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Polaris Pendant & Chain

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Polaris Pendant & Chain

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Guaranteed for 26,000 years!

If you're looking for true north, you can always rely on Polaris, the North Star, positioned directly above the North Pole. While other stars change their position in the night-sky with the earth's rotation, the North Star holds steady, ready to guide you. It's done so for 13,000 years and is expected to do so for at least 13,000 more.

We've designed the Polaris Pendant to be just as reliable, and to shine even brighter. Almost three total carats of the Ultimate Diamond Alternative™, DiamondAura® give the Polaris more fire and clarity than a mined diamond, especially the supernova stone at the center. But we're not charging those outrageous diamond prices for the Polaris Pendant. Unlike the North Star, this is a price that may not last!