Priceless Ring Collection (Set of all 3)

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Priceless Ring Collection (Set of all 3)

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Move over diamond, there's a new stone in town

Indulge in the transparent clarity and dazzling brilliance of luxurious, large carat weight stones without the outrageous cost!

In the 1940s, when a big jewelry company said "a diamond is forever", what they really meant to say was "paying for a diamond is forever." And, if that diamond is a colored diamond... well, then take forever and times it by two!

When the skimpiest 1-carat solitaire can go for as much as $16,000, it's time to reconsider your relationship with diamonds. Have you overpaid only to be underwhelmed? What if we told you we could offer stones that actually surpass those astronomically-priced diamonds for color and clarity, and could do so for a fraction of the cost?

Thanks to the precision of technology: We're offering the complete collection: the red, the pink and the colorless Priceless Rings for this exclusive Stauer price. At over two total carats each, these stunners deliver a lot of sparkle for way less than you'd expect.

Debunking the Myth: The Diamond Myth dominated the 20th-century, but now there is cold, hard scientific proof that Stauer's exclusive lab-created DiamondAura® is the brightest jewelry idea in the last 100 years. Gem experts agree that DiamondAura doesn't just visually compare to the rarest, most expensive mined diamonds on the surpasses them! In fact, according to the book Jewelry and Gems ” The Buying Guide, the technique used in DiamondAura offers "the best diamond simulation to date... and some jewelers have even mistaken these stones for mined diamonds."

LIMITED SUPPLY: Due to high demand, we can't guarantee availability for long. So call today, and bypass the mines, ignore the price controlling cartels, and forget the overpriced shops along Fifth Avenue. It's time to get the most brilliance for your buck!

PRAISE FOR DIAMONDAURA®: "This piece is absolutely stunning! So much sparkle and the play of light on the DiamondAura gems beats any diamond!" ” D.D. from Columbus, OH

Romance Guaranteed: If you don't get oohs and ahhs, simply return your ring(s) within 60 days for a full refund of the item sale price. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

All three rings will be the one size you select. Rings can not have mixed sizes.

  • Includes one of each Color DiamondAura Ring
  • 2 1/5 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)10mm Oval cut lab-created Pink, White, or Red DiamondAura
  • (42)1mmRound cut lab-created White DiamondAura
  • .925 Sterling Silver Setting
  • 11mm x10mm Oval Design
  • Sits 8mm High
  • 2mm band
  • 3 grams
  • Available in whole sizes 5 -10