Rainbow Sapphire Ring

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Rainbow Sapphire Ring

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Stop chasing rainbows

76 hand-set genuine sapphire!

In 1939, movie audiences listened to a pigtailed farm girl sing about a place somewhere over the rainbow. It was a desperate plea to be whisked away from her dreary black-and-white life on a Kansas farm. The young lady eventually gets her wish, only to learn that life in color is no better, and "there's no place like home" after all.Maybe she would have been less inclined to leave if life on the farm had been a little brighter.

Our Rainbow Sapphire Ring would certainly have livened things up for the poor girl. How could it not? With a dazzling display of fancy-colored sapphires in seven different shades, the ring puts the rainbow right on your finger.

Its 76 pave-set, round-cut gemstones put any yellow brick road to shame. Each shimmering sapphire is set in oxidized .925 sterling silver (to maximize the contrast of colors), while the rest of the band is polished sterling brilliance. You can finally stop wondering what's over, under or at the end of the rainbow.

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Available in sizes 6 - 9
  • 7.7mm wide
  • 2 1/3 carats totalweight
  • (5) 1.6mm round multi rainbow sapphire
  • (12) 1.7mm round multi rainbowsapphire
  • (12) 1.8mm round multi rainbow sapphire
  • (30) 1.9mm round multi rainbowsapphire
  • (17) 2mm round multi rainbow sapphire