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Red Tennis Bracelet

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Red Tennis Bracelet

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Trade in the tennis whites

The classic tennis bracelet has stood the test of time, and when it comes out swinging in ruby red then you have a real winner on your wrist. 

The Ultimate Diamond Alternative™, DiamondAura®, is the perfect canvas for delivering the look of fine rubies and diamonds. In fact, these beauties serve up more fire and sparkle than mined rubies and diamonds for a fraction of the price.

Our exclusive diamond alternative DiamondAura jewelry features all of the classic jeweler specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass.

If you shopped on 5th Avenue, you’d find this bracelet priced for more than center court tickets at Wimbleton. We think overcharging for such a look is a racket, so we kept things sportsmanlike and gave this bracelet a price you’ll love.