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Rock of Love Heart Pendants (Set of 4) and 2 Necklaces

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Rock of Love Heart Pendants (Set of 4) and 2 Necklaces

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Four glimmering hearts. One incredible price!

Get all 4 heart pendants PLUS two chains! (Sterling Silver and Rose Gold-finished.)

When you have a chart topping single, you're the boss. Who and what gets into your dressing room is up to you. (1 large bowl of M&Ms- Green only!) So when fans line up outside to personally thank the artist, that's usually where they stay outside. But she was different. She stood out. How could she not? Her jewelry popped and flashed just as bright as the cameras with every snap. To catch the eye of a star known for his privacy, this was definitely a big deal.

As the star's wardrobe designer, I got to sit back and watch the sparks fly. His eyes followed every movement of her necklace like a snake following his charmer. I know exactly what to do, excuse myself and call my designer friends at Stauer.

Each Rock of Love Pendant headlines almost 5 ½ carats of the Ultimate Diamond Alternative™, DiamondAura®. The heart-shaped pendant's brilliant cut maximizes the fire and radiance of the stone so that the light disperses into an exquisite prism of colors. Showcased in a .925 gold-finished sterling silver setting, this is your chance to standout and be the boss of love.