Scienza® Ruby & DiamondAura® Heart Earrings

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Scienza® Ruby & DiamondAura® Heart Earrings

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Scientist uncovers formula for “unbreakable” heart

Love secrets from the laboratory lead to breakthrough romantic discovery...

You might not want to take love advice from a guy in a lab coat. But when he hands you radiant red stunners like the Scienza® lab-created Rubies in these fabulous Heart Earrings and says, “It worked for me” it's hard to disagree especially once you see how happy he is with his beautiful wife.

Truth is, love is all about finding the right chemistry. So it's not really surprising that these beauties were born in a lab. Our Scienza rubies are scientifically-grown using precise equipment that re-creates the high pressure and heat that nature uses to produce gemstones far beneath the surface of the earth. Scienza are chemically identical to the natural gemstones and display a better color and sparkle than most mined stones without the enormous price tag.

We added even more lab-created shimmer and shine to this incredible 7-carat earring set with a collection of positively spectacular pink DiamondAura® rounds. In purely scientific terms, these absolutely beautiful accent gems burn with more fire than the even the finest natural diamonds.

No matter what the occasion, these are the hearts you'll want to give to show her that your bond is unbreakable. A love as committed as yours deserves the kind of smoldering passion that only our lab-created Scienza Rubies and DiamondAura can deliver. Aren't you glad you listened to Mr. Lab Coat?

  • 7.64 Carats Total Weight
  • (2)10mm Heart cut lab-created Ruby, 3.8ctw
  • (2)0.90mmRound lab-created DiamondAura
  • Rhodium Plated
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