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Shark Tooth Pendant (medium) plus 22

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Shark Tooth Pendant (medium) plus 22" Bali Naga Chain

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Do you have what it takes to wear the tooth of a 30-foot shark?

Genuine Giant White Shark Tooth

The Giant White Shark is now long extinct, but the fossilized teeth of the great beast have been found in South Carolina waters. For the Shark Tooth Pendant, we’ve taken an individual tooth and suspended it from a sterling silver bail. The fearsome triangular teeth are serrated on both sides, which is one of the reasons no other sea-creature could compete with the mighty augustidens.

Though we’ve priced the Giant White Shark Tooth Pendants under $150, we recommend that you don’t take this genuinely cutting edge piece of jewelry lightly. To wear this megatooth is to have the raw power of one of nature’s most impressive ever predators suspended around your neck, not to mention the ancient beauty of something immense and impressive that is now gone from the world.

  • Genuine prehistoric giant white shark tooth
  • approx. 1 ¾"H x 1 ¼"W; sizes willvary slightly as they are genuine
  • .925 sterling silver setting
  • 22" Bali Naga Woven Sterling Silver Chain