Silver Pear Shaped Sapphire Necklace & Earrings

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Silver Pear Shaped Sapphire Necklace & Earrings

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Show her you're true blue

When it comes to fidelity, trust in sapphires with this beautiful collection

Give her sapphires. It might sound strange by today's standards, but that was how men ensured that their wives were faithfulin the Middle Ages.

With a crusade breaking out every five minutes, men could spend years apart from their wives while attempting to reclaim the Holy Land. How were you supposed to make sure that your favorite lady didn't catch a case of wandering eyesyndrome?

Some wise man came up with a solution that made everyone happy: "Give her sapphires." Those dazzling blue stones represent fidelity, faithfulness and truth, and were thought to change color if the person wearing it was untrue. Not only did it put a husband's overprotective mind at ease, but it gave his wife something to treasure while herman was away.

In honor of this story we bring you the Fidelity Doublet Sapphire and Marcasite Collection. 58 carats of sapphire in this necklace and earrings set brilliantly framed by marcasite set in .925 sterling silver. En vogue both with Victorian and Art Nouveau crowds, marcasite jewelry has been produced ever since the time of the Ancient Greeks, andshines beautifully against this collection's sapphire and silver.

The crusaders had it right when it came to true blue beauty. What better way to show your fidelity and trust than with sapphires?

  • 1 necklace
  • 1 pair of earrings
  • Indian Sapphire Doublet
  • .925 Sterling silver