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Silver PearlCollection Necklace

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Pearls are so valuable that the string must be double knotted.

William Sowles

Klamath Oregon

Silver PearlCollection Necklace

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Pearls of wisdom

All art is autobiographical. 
The pearl is the oysters autobiography. Federico Fellini

Every other gem has to be cut, polished, faceted and shaped. The pearl is the only gem that comes from nature ready to wear. The simple elegance of pearls has elevated the organic gem to a must-have classic.

The eternally alluring strand of pearls is enjoying a surge in popularity. And, it’s easy to see why. Along with their timeless elegance and go-with-anything charm, is their rich history full of glamour and mystique. Nothing could have been as economical and effective a way of displaying unbounded wealth as Cleopatra dissolving her pearl earring in a glass of vinegar.

While we don’t recommend dipping these beauties in vinegar, we do recommend delighting someone you love with their classic beauty. A touch of silver really brings out this gems natural luster in the most refined way possible. 

You can’t go wrong with a classic strand of pearls. And, you can’t lose at this price. You can drop a zero because you had the wisdom to forgo the fancy big name markup and go instead with a company more interested in passing savings onto you than in padding their ad budget. But she doesn’t need to know all that, these gorgeous natural gems speak for themselves. And, quite smartly we might add.

  • 10mm freshwater silver pearls
  • Necklace; 18"; box clasp