Snowflake Diamond Aura Pendant

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Snowflake Diamond Aura Pendant

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The science of snowflakes

Ever wondered how each and every snowflake gets it's own unique shape? It all comes down to purity, precision and a little bit of luck. Snowflakes are actually pure water vapor, converted into a single six-armed ice crystal when the air temperature hits freezing. The ice crystal meets changing temperatures as it falls to earth, and the conditions it encounters determine the unique shape. The final product is a majestic triumph of nature and science.

That same process inspires the ice in the Snowflake Pendant. Fashioned using precision technologies, temperatures and techniques, the lab-created DiamondAura® gemstone has a dazzle and purity that’s superior to a mined diamond, but at a much lower price. This one-carat DiamondAura snowflake stone is set in a .925 sterling silver pendant to create the most stunning snowflake you’ll ever see. Know someone who is truly one of a kind? You just found them the perfect gift

  • 1ctw lab-created DiamondAura
  • .925 sterling silver setting
  • Chain not included, we recommend #17245, 18" sterling silver rope chain withspring ring clasp