Star of the Hyades Ring

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Star of the Hyades Ring

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Don't save it for a rainy day

Ever wonder how the rain was created? The Ancient Greeks had their answer. One day while hunting, the archer Hyas had an accident and was killed by his prey. Hyas fell, and his sisters—known as the Hyades— were consumed with grief. These nymphs wept and wept until they were transformed into stars and placed in the head of the constellation Taurus.

The Greeks believed the tears of these sisters brought the rain, and the placement of the stars in the sky marked the start of the rainy season. For this they were known as "The Rainy Ones." Inspired by this tale of love and devotion, we bring you the Star of the Hyades, an outstanding adornment to any women's finger. Set in sterling silver, this ring holds a spectacular blue topaz with a color so rich it will seem as though you're staring directly into the Mediterranean. This is a ring you can't pass up. Don't wait for a rainy day.

  • 3.2 CTW
  • (4) 2mm Round DiamondAura
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Tarnish FREE
  • 14K GoldPlated Over .925 Silver
  • (1) 10mm X 12mm Cushion Cut Blue Topaz (3 Ct)
  • (48) 1mmRound DiamondAura
  • Nickel FREE
  • Rhodium Plated
  • 12mm x 14mm dimensions
  • 8.5mm high
  • 2.75mm band
  • 4.95 grams weight