Stauer Celestial Ring

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Stauer Celestial Ring

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The cosmos in a test tube

The signature starlight of the legendary star sapphire is within your reach thanks to science.

Nothing is ever out of reach. Take NASA's 3 billion mile trip to Pluto. New Horizons launched January 19, 2006. Just 9 years later this data recording miracle spacecraft promises to tell an incredible story about the origins and outskirts of our solar system. Stay tuned to see if Pluto is the end of the Milky Way or the beginning of another galaxy.

In celebration of America's latest space odyssey, we bring you a scientific marvel of our own — the Stauer Celestial Ring. An out of this world ring with this down to earth price. This infinitely gorgeous ring carries a scientifically - grown star sapphire — Scienza ®. A beautiful blue stone that catches light in such a way to form a stunning six point star on the surface. Well, we didn't need to join NASA® or learn astrophysics to pull this off, but it did involve some impressive, cutting edge science.

The stone at the center of the Stauer Celestial Ring is made using the latest gemological techniques. Our heavenly blue gemstone isn't just identical to a natural star sapphire — it's actually superior. A mined star sapphire is not only astronomically expensive; it also features inevitable imperfections and inclusions, as well as faults in the star itself. But, thanks to the intricate precision of our advanced techniques, our 5-carat, lab-created star sapphire is both affordable and without imperfections, so that deep blue color remains clear and untainted, with the star displaying clearly and brightly. Adding even more twinkle, our lab-created star sapphire is orbited by our lab-created DiamondAura® rounds.

Just like Pluto is now within reach of the world's best scientific minds, the mesmerizing glow of a star sapphire is within your grasp with the Stauer Celestial Ring. Catch your star today.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Experience the heavenly beauty of the Stauer Celestial Ring for 60 days and if it isn't making that someone special starry-eyed, send it back for a full refund of your purchase price.
  • 5.2 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)10mm x 12mm Oval Scienza lab-created Star SapphireCabochon, 5ctw
  • (22)1.5mm Round lab-created DiamondAura
  • .925 Sterling SilverSetting
  • Available in whole sizes 5 - 10