Stauer Meteorite Pendant & 22

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Stauer Meteorite Pendant & 22" Chain

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Missing Link to a Lost Planet?

Inside this Meteorite Pendant is the authentic remains of an ancient galactic catastrophe. Order today and solve the mysteries of the universe!

Chaos in deep space. Violence erupted in the Virgo supercluster with an explosion that shattered one planet into a million pieces. The impact sent a firestorm of rocks and rare minerals streaking across the galaxy at 20,000 miles a minute. Four billion years later it reached our solar system. Swept into the powerful tail of a passing comet and whipped around our sun, a piece of alien debris plunged from the sky and collided with Earth near the Arctic Circle.

There it sat for one million years - through four Ice Ages - until this very moment. Today, at last, a piece of this rare and important extraterrestrial treasure can be yours in the Stauer Meteorite Pendant & Chain.

Own this genuine souvenir of a lost alien world. The Muonio River Meteorite is the oldest meteorite known to man. First discovered in 1906, the mysterious object from outer space features a stunning crystal structure with a criss-crossed pattern that doesn't exist on Earth. Scientists were shocked to find a host of otherworldly minerals with mysterious names like daubréelite, schreibersite, akaganéite and troilite. Fused and transformed by the intense heat and cosmic rays of interstellar travel, the exotic material in this ring can never be mined or manufactured. The last few pieces that sit buried in the frozen Scandinavian ground is all that remains on our planet.

Rarer than any gem on Earth. Bring home the Stauer Meteorite Pendant & Chain and claim your very own piece of the final frontier. Inside the artfully crafted .925 sterling silver setting, you'll find an authentic fragment of the Muoni River Meteorite. Shaped and set by jewelry experts, each block of gleaming brilliance is a work of art from another world. No two are exactly alike. Markings and patterns will vary. Authenticity is guaranteed!

100% complete satisfaction or your money back. Bring home this incredible piece of outer space history and wear it with confidence for 30 days. If the Stauer Meteorite Pendant & Chain fails to impress, simply transport it back for a complete refund of your purchase price. It's that simple. But remember: sometimes the chance to own something truly unique from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away only comes around once every 1 million years!

  • Muonionalusta meteorite from Sweden
  • (1)25mm x 12mm Meteorite Stone
  • StainlessSteel Setting
  • 38mm Drop
  • 20mm Wide
  • 8 grams
  • includes 22" Antique finished sterling silver chain with lobster clasp