Stauer Patriot Pocketknife

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impressive quality

First of, the shipping was fast and the quality is beyond what I paid for the knife. Overall I am a satisfied customer!


Houston, Texas

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VERY NICE - with a question

Good Value. Great Looking. Sufficiently Sharp. Overall an "A" purchase and I ordered three. However,the only manufacturing mark is Stauer. It's a great name. I would have expected a Grade of Stainless Steel indication and a country of origin marking on a piece of this perceived quality. Can Stauer share that with the Happy Customers?



Stauer Patriot Pocketknife

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Land of the free, home of the blade

I didn't grow up to be as rugged as I'd hoped. When you're raised on a strict diet of Davy Crockett and The Lone Ranger, it's hard to imagine not becoming a frontier fighting machine who can wrestle a 'bar' with just his hands. But even if I didn't end up in a cabin, or riding my horse across the plains, one lesson stuck with me: the most important thing you can carry out in the wild is a good solid knife. So to this day, I never leave home without my trusty pocket knife. Most of the time it just opens mail, or cuts a hanging thread off my shirt. But occasionally it tackles tougher tasks. And it's then, I feel like I have at least some of that rough edge I'd hoped for.

But of course a rough edge on a blade isn't a good thing. And that's why I rely on the Stauer Patriot Pocketknife. The blade is crafted using only the finest grade, meticulously-honed steel for a razor-sharp edge that will last. The red, white and blue handle is undeniably patriotic, impressively inlaid with Mother of Pearl stripes and stamped with stars to complete the homage to the American flag. You may not rule the wild frontier; but slip this knife into your pocket, and you're likely to feel a little more connected to those legendary figures.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • 17.7cm open
  • 10.2cm closed
  • Mother of Pearl Handle with enamel
  • Presented in a navy box
  • 440 grade StainlessSteel