Stauer Select Watch Winder

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You get what you pay for!

I only recently became a watch "collector", as such my collection is still quite small and consists of 1 automatic (gold fused Dashtronic) and 3 solar powered watches. I keep my Dashtronic in a Stauer Select Watch Winder and it works flawlessly and more importantly, since it is in my bedroom, absolutely silently! Tomorrow I will be ordering a Gold Fused Series 7 Regulator II and because of the quality I have received from my first Select Winder, will order another one to keep both me and my new Regulator II happy!


Canby, OR

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Absolutely the most superb accessory to my watch collection...Stylish, Silent & Reliable.
I bought my Stauer watch winder after purchasing my white faced/blue hands and numeral Graves Automatic watch in order to keep it happy, should I have decided to wear something else.
Now that I have added to my collection my Stauer gold w/ black face Dumont Dual-Time Automatic and my Stauer stainless w/ blue face Series 7 Regulator II Automatic; undoubtedly I will be purchasing a couple more!!


Liscomb, Ia

Stauer Select Watch Winder

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Keep time marching on

Much like our faithful four-legged friends, your favorite automatic watch is happiest when taken for a walk. A stroll in the park. A quick jog to the corner. The watch doesn't care, so long as it's moving. It's the constant motion that keeps a self-winding mechanism working. Leave a watch sitting still for too long and time literally stops dead. Thankfully, we can spare you such tragedy.

The Stauer Select Winder is designed to keep your watches running in style. We figured the world has enough boring, black and bulky electronic devices, so we crafted the Stauer Select like an elegant piece of antique furniture. The box features a rich burlwood pattern, a hinged acrylic top and an ultra-soft beige vinyl interior to prevent scratching. The Stauer Select measures approximately 5 ½" square and includes a timer that automatically rotates your watch for one hour followed by three hours of rest. Also works great for "battery-less" quartz watches. AC adapter included.

  • 5 ½" square
  • operates 1 hour on, 3 hours off
  • rich burlwood pattern
  • AC adapterincluded
  • Voltage: 100-240V