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Sterling Silver Aquamarine And White Topaz Tennis Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Aquamarine And White Topaz Tennis Bracelet

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Over 10 carats of shimmering aquamarine will up your romantic game

Ever since ancient times, sailors have sworn by aquamarine as a talisman and protector for anyone traveling on the open water. According to legend, aquamarine originated in the treasure chest of mermaids and has since ancient times, been regarded as “the sailor’s lucky stone.” This sparkling blue gem didn’t just bring luck to seafaring journies, it made the sailors lucky in love.

There are tales of men heading out to sea with an aquamarine amulet around their neck and once they safely return, that same stone becomes a ring for their sweetheart. That romantic tradition plays out beautifully in our stunning Aquamarine Tennis Bracelet. Twenty-six emerald cut aquamarine gemstones are interspersed with 52 white topaz gems creating a shimmering tennis bracelet that promises to up your romantic game. Set in rhodium-finished .925 sterling silver.