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Sterling Silver Fire Opal Tennis Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Fire Opal Tennis Bracelet

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Up your romantic game

If you’re looking to spice things up, we have just the advantage you need. Fire opals are truly spectacular, sparkling with an inner fire saturated with every hue of red and orange on the spectrum. As its name suggests, this gem sprang from fire— in particular from the ancient volcanoes of the Jalisco region of Mexico. A fire opal is actually very different than the opal we are used to seeing. While an opal is opaque and white, displaying a multitude of colors, the fire opal is prized for its base color, which in the most sought after of stones is either deep orange or red, like we have here.

To create this eye-catching tennis bracelet, we went to the country renowned for having the best vibrant, fiery opals— Mexico. Next we gave it a classic oval cut to accentuate the fire. Then we cooled things off a bit with a pure sterling silver setting. The end result is a stunning bracelet guaranteed to win you points.