Sterling Silver Lab-Created Diamond Lariat Bracelet (1-2/3 ctw)

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Sterling Silver Lab-Created Diamond Lariat Bracelet (1-2/3 ctw)

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14 sparkling "I love yous"

Bigger, brighter, better diamonds... finally the right price!

How does this sound? A bigger, brighter diamond without the baggage of harming the environment, human right violations, and price control of international cartels. Impossible? It used to be. But the impossible is happening. And, we want you to be a part of this revolution in diamonds.

Through the brilliance of science we can now create gem-quality diamonds that are more ethical, sustainable, affordable, and yes, even more beautiful than their mined counterparts.

Diamonds created by Diamond Architects™ are one hundred percent pure carbon and have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds, and are graded the same way– because after all, they are in every way, diamonds. But in reality, they are rarer. Currently, for every one lab-created diamond, there are over 1,000 mined diamonds. 

Diamond Architects created diamonds are also much more affordable than mined diamonds of comparable size and quality, making them financially more conflict-free. You can own a one carat diamond from Diamond Architects for the price of a half carat mined diamond with the exact same grade elsewhere. Why spend more and get less? Get a bigger, brighter, better diamond, at a much better price. Who could say no to that?

  • 1 2/3 carats total weight
  • (24)2.6mm Diamond Architects™ diamonds (F color & VS1 clarity)
  • Rhodium-finished .925 sterling silver setting
  • 35x6.75mm Design
  • adjustable slideclasp