Sunburst Necklace

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Sunburst Necklace

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Unburied treasure

I've been to the finest galleries and museums across the globe. I've seen so many exquisite examples of Medieval and Renaissance jewelry that I could fill treasure chests with only my favorites. And there are so many....

They're still finding treasure from the Middle Ages. Under parking lots or beneath layers of tangled foliage that's all part of the ever-encroaching earth. Nature always does its best to restore itself and sometimes, that leads to lost treasure.

Can you imagine the wonder you'd feel if you came across our Sunburst Necklace? You're just minding your own business, but it's there. Its striking color captures your attention. This Necklace recalls the gold and turquoise jewelry of a lost civilization. A time when those wearing a necklace like this believed that they were, "Capturing glory from the sun."

Gold and turquoise jewelry was usually reserved for high priests and royalty. But thanks to our designers at Stauer, this glory can be yours at our exclusive price. The Sunburst Necklace showcases a garland of polished teal ovals in gleaming, gold-finished starburst settings. With these vivid colors... you won't need a metal detector to find this treasure.

  • (1)30.2mm x 21.7mm Oval Turquoise colored Resin
  • (2)22mm Oval Turquoise coloredResin
  • (2)15.5mm Round Turquoise colored Resin
  • Gold-finished Setting
  • 49mm Drop
  • 18" Neclace with a 2" Extender
  • 44 grams