Tanzanite Infinity Ring

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Tanzanite Infinity Ring

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Own a piece of forever, before time runs out

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Tanzanite has been called the “gemstone of a generation,” because mining of this beautiful blue gemstone will soon come to an end. When lightning struck the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967, it started a blaze, which burned the ground to reveal incredible deposits of violet-blue gemstone. Tanzanite has been in high demand ever since, prized for its unmatched color but also for its rarity.

No second deposit of tanzanite has ever been found. The Tanzanite Infinity Ring features a perfect pair of tanzanite gemstones, showcasing the famous violet-blue hue that made the world fall in love. The gemstones are set in sterling silver artfully crafted into an infinity motif, because tanzanite is the perfect symbol of love that will last forever. DiamondAura® stones add a touch of fire, a reminder of how tanzanite was discovered.

While the Infinity Ring is forever, the world’s tanzanite supply is not. Its single source mean supplies run lower every day, and this rare and popular gemstone is in very real danger of one day becoming extinct. Fortunately, we studied the market and secured these stones well in advance, and so we’re able to offer you the tanzanite Infinity Ring for just $89. But don’t be surprised when tanzanite prices skyrocket as supplies dwindle. Get your piece of tanzanite infinity before time runs out. And, for a limited time, purchase the Tanzanite Infinity Ring or Set and receive $100 in Stauer Dollars!

  • 1/2 carats total weight
  • (2)5x4mm Oval cut Tanzanite stones, 1/4ctw each
  • TheUltimate Diamond Alternative™, DiamondAura®: (8)1mm Rounds
  • .925 sterling silver
  • 9.75mm wide
  • sits 3.5mm high
  • 2.25mm band
  • 2 grams
  • available in whole sizes 5-10