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Three Graces

15 total carats of aquamarine, tanzanite & tourmaline form a necklace of mythical proportions

In ancient Greek mythology there are three goddesses called the Graces. Eternally young and lovely, they personified charm, beauty, and creativity. 

We have three lovely gemstones that also possess charm, beauty and creativity. And we brought them together for a collection befitting the modern day goddess.

First there’s clear blue aquamarine–– a gem that shines with all the colors of the ocean. Aquamarine is so brilliant that it rivals diamonds in its beauty. Next up is violet-blue tanzanite. Its color is truly unique and mimics a gorgeous mixture of the best sapphire, amethyst and blue topaz. Rounding out our vibrant trio is versatile tourmaline that has the widest color ranges of any gem. Here, it enchants in its popular rosy pink hue. Each of these gemstones is beautiful on its own, but together they are downright mesmerizing. And the price while seemingly magical, is no myth.

  • 15 carats total weight
  • Genuine Aquamarine (4pcs), Tanzanite (4pcs), &Tourmaline (2pcs)
  • Yellow gold-finished spacers and settings
  • 2 1/4" Drop Earrings with French hooks