Tucson Wild Horse Collection (Pendant, Chain & Earrings)

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Tucson Wild Horse Collection (Pendant, Chain & Earrings)

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We're wild about this stone

We love sharing beautiful stones that have the power to transport you to another time and place. Especially when that time and place is the legendary and historically-rich Wild West. One look at this captivating Southwest beauty and you can’t help but picture saguaro cacti and sculpted mesas silhouetted against a fiery painted sky, petticoats sweeping dusty streets, and Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane riding off together into the sunset. 

Grab your cowboy hat and slap on your spurs, it’s time to get a little wild west. The Wild Horse Stone was discovered in the mid-90’s near the Globe Copper Mine in southern Arizona. Highly prized by the Native Americans, the Wild Horse Stone has a bold, striking presence with a distinctive white background and an intricate matrix in various shades of brown ranging from rich chocolate to spicy cinnamon. It got its name due to its unique pattern resembling the spots on the wild Appaloosa horses captured and domesticated by the Native Americans of the Southwest.

We’ve managed to tame this beautiful stone and bring it to you for an amazing price. Delivering generous carats marbleized artistry set in pure sterling silver, the Tucson Wild Horse Collection is ready to unleash the unbridled passion of Wild Wild West. We’re pretty sure she’ll be wild about it too. Chain sold 

  • Includes Pendant, Necklace, & Earrings
  • Wild Horse Magnesite
  • .925 sterling silver setting
  • Coloring & pattern are unique to each stone
  • Pendant: 45ctw
  • 18" Bali Naga Woven Silver Chain
  • Earrings: 25ctw with post backs