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Tucson Wild Horse Ring

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Thank you for the beautiful story to go with a Sacred stone.I am Shoshone and Blackfeet Native American.I was lucky enough to see a white buffalo. I collect different turquoise stones. Again thank you for the respectful words.


Newcastle, Ca.

Tucson Wild Horse Ring

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Own a legend

The White Buffalo gemstone is as rare as its namesake

To Native Americans, the buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundance, inspiring a legend of a white buffalo calf appearing during difficult times to usher in a new age of hope and peace. So sacred is this prophecy, that the Lakota tribe have named a rare and beautiful stone after the white buffalo calf. 

White Buffalo turquoise has a bold, captivating presence with a distinctive white background and black matrix. To say this stone is as rare as a white buffalo is an understatement. There are a lot of imitations in the market, but don’t be fooled. You want the real thing. We have it. And, it wasn’t easy. 

Persuading the one Native American chief whose mine is the only known source for authentic white buffalo turquoise took some doing. In fact, the exact location of the mine on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona is kept secret. Only the chief and his miners know where it is. The chief is protective of this sacred stone and preserving its providence is very important to him. We promised him we would honor this sacred stone in a pendant worthy of it, and that we would tell its story of being a symbol of hope for a peaceful era. We got the chief’s blessing and now we’re making good on our promise with an exquisite piece of jewelry that celebrates the unique and rare beauty of this legendary stone. 

Delivering a full 25 carats of White Buffalo turquoise and set in pure sterling silver, this ring is so much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. It’s a Native American artifact steeped in meaning and history. It’s time you owned a legend. 

  • 25 carats total weight
  • Wild Horse Magnesite
  • .925 sterling silver setting
  • Coloring & pattern are unique to each stone
  • whole sizes 5-10