Tungsten Duo Ring

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Tungsten Duo Ring

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Tungstenone of the rarest, strongest substances on Earth

When we’re serious about an element, we go to the matte for it. We’ve long admired tungsten for its physical properties; owing to its density and strength, tungsten has been used in missiles, yachts, race cars, musical instruments and even the Voyager spacecraft. We also love that its rarity makes it valuable, as does the simple fact that tungsten just looks great on any man. But today we go one step further.

The Tungsten Duo Ring is what it looks like when tungsten gets tougher. Using a targeted, carefully controlled method, we’ve taken the classic supreme shiny finish of a tungsten carbide ring and added a powerful matte finish to the spine. This extra edge imbues the wearer with an added layer of confidence, knowing you possess one of the rarest, strongest substances on earth, and that it finally looks as tough as it really is. 

  • Tungsten setting
  • Available in whole sizes 8-14