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Via Elegante Boutique Collection (Necklace and Bracelet)

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Via Elegante Boutique Collection (Necklace and Bracelet)

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An Italian cliffhanger

Made in Italy

Positano is a charming cliffside village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The city, declared a World Heritage Site entices visitors with its flower-filled stone streets lined with boutiques and cafes. 

The standard of living in this part of Italy is somewhat high and the designer boutiques tend to draw those with deep pockets. Seeking inspiration for our own designs, I stepped into the poshest of posh boutiques I could find and there I spotted a necklace and bracelet so resplendent with rich purple amethyst and so striking in design, I couldn’t imagine the cost. The necklace and bracelet had key signatures of high fashion design, such as one off-center gem that’s totally unique from the rest and a playful mixture of varying stands. 

So what is the going price for a designer-made necklace and bracelet created from over 850 carats of precious gems? I won’t keep you hanging any does north of two grand grab you? Well, I was taken by the necklace, but not by the price. I knew I could do better.

So I headed to Torre del Greco on the Bay of Naples and found an Italian designer who creates impeccable designs that rival the big names in every way, and that includes price. From his workshop at the foot of Mount Vesuvius he has produced the Via Elegante Boutique Collection. Same designer look and generous carat weight as the necklace and bracelet in the posh cliffside boutique of Positano, but with a price that won’t make you go out on a limb. 

  • Set includes 700ctw Necklace and 150ctw Bracelet
  • Purple & pink amethyst& freshwater cultured pearls
  • 18K gold-finished .925sterling silver setting
  • 34" Necklace with lobster clasp
  • 8" Bracelet with lobster clasp