Vino Fluorite Bracelet

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Vino Fluorite Bracelet

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The toast of the Roman Empire

Ancient Romans believed that drinking wine out of carved fluorite vessels would keep them from getting tipsy. They were wrong, and their mistake resulted in some legendary shindigs. Wine flowed freely in honor of Bacchus. Grand feasts were consumed. And eventually, the toga party was invented. Those Roman revelers are long gone, but fluorite's intoxicating qualities are more potent than ever.

Our 350-carat Vino Fluorite Bracelet captures the vivid violets of an ancient Roman vintage, glistening like the freshly-stomped Appian wine savored by Augustus. The smooth, translucent ovals on the bracelet showcases a variety of purples, pinks and blues. The unique Vino Fluorite Bracelet highlights the gemstone with a parade of elegantly-carved fluorite beads. The 8" strand secures with an elastic band. There's an old Roman saying, "in vino veritas" which means "in wine, there is truth." With this stunning bracelet, we've updated the saying to, "in vino fluorite, there is beauty."

  • 8” length
  • elastic band
  • 10mm x 25mm x 8mm oval fluorite
  • 350 carats total weight