Voléur Pink Pearl Necklace with 14K Gold Clasp

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Voléur Pink Pearl Necklace with 14K Gold Clasp

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Heist of the Century

Master thief steals the "Mona Lisa of pearls."

In the summer of 1913, the most valuable necklace in the world disappeared somewhere between Paris and London. The collection of natural pink pearls was said to be worth "twice as much as the Hope Diamond." The bold heist made headlines and the manhunt for the suspect made history. Now, more than 100 years later, we're stealing it all over again so you can steal it from us at our special price!

The Heist of the Century. Joseph Grizzard, aka "The King of Fences," was a professional thief with style. By day, he worked as a well-regarded jeweler in Edwardian London. He led a comfortable life and had plenty of money. He didn't need to steal. He just enjoyed the sport of it. When Grizzard heard word that the "Mona Lisa of pearls" was to be shipped between Paris and London by regular post, he set his plan in motion. He snatched the strand of 61 perfectly matched, natural pink pearls from its mailbag, and replaced it with a scrap of newspaper and a handful of French sugar cubes. After a dramatic, Sherlock Holmes-worthy pursuit through the underbelly of Edwardian London society, Scotland Yard finally nabbed their man.

It would be a crime not to share. We found the thrilling story and classic style impossible to resist. It was the perfect opportunity to bring this remarkable piece of jewelry back to life. That's why we created the Voléur Necklace, working directly from the specifications of the infamous original. That 1913 necklace took years to assemble and was crafted from incredibly rare natural pink pearls. Even if we recruited an army of divers to scour every ocean on Earth, we might be lucky to find enough for one necklace. And the cost would be astronomical. So we turned to science for a solution...

Our collection of pink orbs begins with the same organic material found in cultured pearls. But our meticulous laboratory process gives you a much more durable necklace, with spheres of near-perfect shape and superior luster that nature can only dream about. It secures with a lustrous 14K gold clasp. Don't miss this chance to experience true luxury... without the larceny!

  • 18" length of Pearls
  • 6-12mm round Pink Shell Pearls
  • Gold plated sterlingsilver lobster claw clasp