York Diamond<em>Aura</em>® Pendant

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York DiamondAura® Pendant

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STOP... in the name of love

We know you noticed this pendant, and we know the reason why. Any physicist worth their white coat will tell you that red is the color with the longest wavelength of visible light. In plain English, this means it's the easiest color for your eyes to see, which is why you always notice it first. So any red will catch your eye, but it takes something special to get your full attention.

You can thank science for the arresting red in our York DiamondAura® Pendant. After decades of perfecting the process, gemological geniuses have crafted a stone of such pure, passionate red that even top gem experts have to look twice. The rich crimson color of our lab-created DiamondAura shares a depth and clarity that easily compares to $5,000 per carat rubies. But the good news is that you won't even come close to spending that on this necklace.

Don't miss your chance to bring home our radiant red DiamondAura teardrop, set in gleaming .925 sterling silver. Advanced science makes it possible, but only Stauer gives you the chance to experience the look and feel of million-dollar gems... for this exclusive Stauer price!

  • 1.12 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)5mm x7mm Pear cut lab-created Red DiamondAura
  • (1)2mm x 4mm Pear cut lab-created Red DiamondAura
  • (1)2mm Round lab-createdDiamondAura
  • (26)1mm Round lab-created DiamondAura
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • 22mmDrop
  • 8mm Wide
  • 2.5 Grams
  • Chain not included, we recommend Item #17245