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About Us

Letter from our Founder and President

It all began with a bracelet...

In 2002, I purchased a $1,700 blue topaz and sterling silver bracelet for my wife for our anniversary from one of the most famous jewelers out there. It was beautiful, but, I couldn't get that price point out of my head. $1,700? I just knew there had to be a better way.

Not long after, on a trip to Bali, I asked a local jeweler if he could make me the same bracelet. And I thought, “why not go out all out?” So I asked him to make a few improvements on the original. The jeweler delivered. But…it was the price that struck me the most: $69! Almost 97% less than what I paid at the famous place. And that was the moment when the idea for Stauer was born.

We started Stauer to revolutionize the jewelry industry.

Every time we get an incredible price on emeralds, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones - and see the same stones in jewelry stores priced 5x higher - our belief in our vision is affirmed: The rarest and most exotic gems of the world are both more accessible, and not as highly priced, as the big-name brands have made you come to believe.

What makes Stauer unique? Everything. We don't have wholesalers. We don't pay rent for expensive shops or hire expensive celebrity spokespeople. We go directly to the source and make the product ourselves. Each year we buy millions of carats of emeralds and tens of millions of carats of amethyst…while the local store nearby might buy 20 or 30 carats a year from wholesalers and mark those gemstones up by 50% or more.

We like to think of ourselves as the “Indiana Jones” of the jewelry world: We love the adventure of seeking out precious gems and rare items, getting the best deal on them, and then passing those savings to you. Who says you can own the world's most beautiful products, and save a small fortune in the process? We do.

For over 20 years, Stauer has been a destination for customers who honor and celebrate the triumphs of living. We treasure the world and our customers - and on behalf of Stauer's entire family of employees & partners - we look forward to helping you celebrate the joy, beauty, and adventure of life.

Michael Bisceglia President - Stauer
Michael Bisceglia President - Stauer

Michael Bisceglia


Founder and President

At Stauer, We Believe in the Power of a Great Story

Whether rooted in fact or based on legend, stories connect us to the past and give us a glimpse of the future. They're our collective memory, our eyes and ears. Stories have the legs to carry us down the road, even when we're sitting in our living rooms. Stories have the power to transform.

But not all stories are spun from the yarn of good intention. One jewelry industry whopper rankled us so much, we made it our business to un-tell it. Its famous opening line, "How else can two months' salary last a lifetime?" was unleashed to convince people they had to drop a fortune to feel like a million bucks.

But there's another way to look at two months' salary. A different way. And that's our story – one that begins and ends with our customer.

A hard day's work can buy a lot of things. For most people, groceries are a pretty good place to start. But folks who make practical choices still want to look sharp, indulge their sense of occasion, and give their spouse a cherished gift. That's where we come in.

While the luxury industry flims, and the jewelry industry flams, we go to the ends of the earth to deliver classic treasures at amazing prices. The finest gems are located in Tanzania? We head for Mt. Kilimanjaro. There's a great deal to be had on Australian pearls? We dust off the didgeridoo.

Then we make friends with mine owners and craftsmen, buy in bulk, and sell direct. When we say ‘sayonara' to the middlemen, our customers get the most value for their hard-earned money.

But all that? That's just the "how." At Stauer, it's the "why" that puts the fire in our belly. And the "why" is really pretty simple –

We way-fare and wander, dicker and deal because we believe that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves... That joy-filled relationships are more valuable than the Hope Diamond... That dignity isn't a function of wealth... That making a good first impression shouldn't require a second mortgage.

We know that crutches can make their user feel broken. But the owner of a devilishly handsome walking stick might just lean in, eyes glimmering with mischief, and whisper, "Sit down. Let me tell you a story."

The Stauer Promise