Stauer Reviews and Testimonials
We don't like to brag, so we let our customers do the talking. Following is a sampling of some of the pertinent feedback we've received from our customers.
"I remain extremely impressed with the first Stauer timepiece purchased by me several years ago. Beside its distinctively great looks, I was awed by the feel of the quality built into the watch as I worked its bezel and set the complications. I knew instantly that this was not any ordinary watch, and that I had found no ordinary watch company. Since then, I have purchased a number of Stauer's watches and have been equally awed by each one. The quality of each of its products at such amazingly affordable prices makes Stauer the greatest value in watches and jewelry that I am aware of. Great going Stauer!!! Thanks for making this 'Blue Collared guy' feel like a 'Blue-Blooded multi-millionaire' every time I step out! Keep up the great work!"
Donald of Sheridan, WY April 6, 2017

"I needed presents for my wife and tried to give Stauer Jewelry a chance. Most of the purchases have been online, and their website is very good. I'm pleased with my experience and so I keep buying from them."
Stephen of Nashville, TN April 4, 2017

"Nothing but applaud for Stauer Jewelry. I've seen their ad in the National Rifleman and ordered some stuff out of curiosity. They had one of the specials where you only pay $24.95 shipping and you get the item free. That was how I got involved with them and I joined the VIP club. From then on, I was sold because I got excellent customer systems and help. I've had five years’ worth of purchases from them."
Jerald of Suwanee, GA March 25, 2017

"My husband feels the hunting knife he ordered was the finest knife he, as a collector and user of many knives, has ever held in his hand, and used!! He ordered 3 more as gifts!! The Bonus Binoculars are of high quality as well. A fabulous FREE Bonus! Being shipped to me now is a gorgeous Opal ring I am anxiously awaiting!! It was not until I placed the order for the ring, which was offered at an excellent reduced price, as well as using my $50.00 Free coupon, that I realized I got a Free Bonus of a pair of fine looking sunglasses, AND a lovely bracelet!! When placing my orders over the phone I found the Customer Service person most pleasant and efficient. My orders have come to me in a most timely manner as well. I look forward to more quality offers from this grand company, Stauer!! Sincerely, A most pleased forever customer!"
Sharry of San Antonio, TX March 24, 2017

"I was looking for desirables and there were things that I wanted at Stauer Jewelry. Amazon has cheaper merchandise but it's the promotions that Stauer has that ring the bells in my heart. Our purchasing experience went really well, especially after we had a history of ordering. The representatives that I've had have all been good but we have had a more exciting sales history with the most recent one. I've enjoyed the experience, I'm happy with it and we will reorder from them."
Harry of Bossier City, LA March 24, 2017

"My Stauer experience. Three years ago I purchased a Stauer "Corso" model watch, very accurate, great appearance, and highly dependable. When it needed repairs, I bundled it up and sent it back with a simple request for service. In less than two weeks I got my watch back working to (as usual) perfection! The repair cost was more than reasonable. I highly recommend Stauer. Accuracy, dependability, appearance, affordability...5 stars!"
Ron of Chino Valley, AZ March 15, 2017

"I got a hunting knife from Stauer Jewelry that looked very well-made and had a very good price. The purchase was quick, smooth, and professional. We got it done and they delivered what they said, when they said they would. Additionally, I ended up joining their little club for a year, and they sent me some coupons and I got a couple of other purchases coming up before my coupons expires."
Lawrence of Beaumont, TX March 12, 2017

"My girlfriend and I like the products offered at Stauer Jewelry. The price was great and the quality is top-grade item. Also, they've got beautifully-styled, designed stuff. If I have a need in the future, Stauer Jewelry is definitely where I'm going."
David of Friendswood, TX March 13, 2017
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