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We don't like to brag, so we let our customers do the talking. Following is a sampling of some of the pertinent feedback we've received from our customers.
The Stauer jewelry I saw in a magazine ad was an interesting piece and its price seemed reasonable. I looked it up, typed in the code and it came right up. I bought it as a gift. It was an Italian piece of gold without jewels in it. It was intertwined and it got thick towards the base at the neck and then thinner at the top. I had a fine purchasing experience. It was very quick and showed up within a week. It was an add-on and it went exactly the way I like it to go on that type of shop. It was an impulse buy but I was happy.
Ed of Henrico, VA January, 4th 2018

I've gotten a lot of gifts from my husband that came from Stauer Jewelry. And I've always been very pleased with them. With Stauer, you know what you're getting from them. The DiamondAura are lab diamonds, but they're beautiful. And the prices are very good. I bought a lot of things for myself. I ordered over the internet, which was too easy that it was dangerous. I also bought gifts. And there was a tanzanite bracelet I had to send back because the clasp had a little piece missing from it. It's like one of the safety features, and I haven't received a replacement yet. But they said it would be two to four weeks, which is really fast for an exchange. And they're very reliable, too.
Mary-Alice of Hartwell, GA December 30th, 2017

Karate Tanzanite Ring Size 10 - I am very pleased with the service and help I received in my transaction. Will definitely be returning to your store again. Thank you very much for all your help. I am very pleased with my ring I love it very much. And I will recommend you to all my friends and family.
Beverly of Gales Ferry, CT December 28th, 2017

Being now retired military, I have through the years had everything from military issue watches to the high end Japanese and even Swiss movement watches. My favorite as far as durability, accuracy and reliability was a Stauer watch which as I recall I got for Christmas in 2006. Well this past Summer doing some mild whitewater kayaking, my band broke and the watch was lost (it is probably still ticking somewhere).

I never had an issue with the watch and did have it cleaned a couple years ago after the crystal cracked while indoor skydiving. I had seen an ad for the Blue Stone Cold Fox at a real steal of a price and put out a few hints. UNFORTUNATELY my family thought it was a joke about a female wrestler versus the male wrestler with a similar name and bought me a Japanese made watch. I had seen a lot of reviews (some which I felt were unfair since the authors admitted they hadn't even contacted Stauer Customer Service) and I just wanted to add my own positive experience with the company and watch line.
Darryll of Rutherfordton, NC December 20th, 2017

I have purchased a number of watches from Stauer over the past ten years. My last was a blue faced diver's watch which has become my favorite of all! Prior to this purchase my daily wear watch was my long loved Rolex Submariner. I bought the diver's watch for the days I would be doing lots of "hands on" work with tools (I am a general contractor) and didn't want to risk damaging the Rolex. After a few days with the Stauer dive watch the Rolex was retired. My new Stauer watch keeps perfect time, has the same weighty quality feel, and similar high visibility that I have come to expect from a quality product. The ONLY thing that could make this watch better would be to add tritium markers. Were that to be done by Stauer this watch would be the finest addition to any man's collection he could have! Wonderful products, outstanding prices, and quality that is some of the best I have ever experienced! Thank you Stauer.
Alexander of Dover, NH December 13th, 2017

I ordered a black pearl ring from Stauer Jewelry. It's from Jerusalem and it's supposed to be black, but it doesn't look like one. I've been looking at it several times at several catalogs for a long time and I like it, so I bit the bullet and ordered it. They said it was going to take a while before it comes because there was such a demand for it, but I ended up getting it much sooner than they thought, which was nice. I love the ring and it was worth my purchase. The process went totally smooth and everything went well. It was a good experience and I would do it again.
Vicki of Waukesha, WI November 30th, 2017

I find Stauer products to be of good to excellent quality. I especially love their DiamondAura jewellery - the stones sparkle just like real diamonds at a fraction of the cost. The website is easy to navigate. I received an email stating that I had an outstanding credit, which had slipped my mind, so appreciated the reminder and used this credit on my last order. The item I ordered was also on sale, so I feel I got a real bargain and am looking forward to receiving my silver bracelet. Thank you, Stauer for the free Norton guarantee - it gives one confidence in your company and products.
Paula of Saskatoon, SK November 7th, 2017

I love all of the Stauer jewelry and watches. I am a flight attendant and I wore the blue muse watch to work and I always get a lot of compliments on that watch. A passenger asked me about the watch and I told him the name of your company and I gave him the site. He said his wife would love that watch. And I told him that she will probably love all of the jewelry and watches at Stauer. He thought I had gotten the watch somewhere in Europe. What a wonderful compliment. I buy from your company all of the time. I love your products.
Shirley of Hallandale Beach, FL November 5th, 2017

I was looking through my Birds and Blooms magazine and noticed the ad for the jade and opal necklace and thought it would be a great birthday present for my aunt. The representative was very nice and explained the offer to me and when she asked if I would like the bracelet and earrings to match I said no. Then she made me a better deal on the necklace and I purchased $200 worth of coupons to use toward future purchases and some other pluses so I went for it. I always have someone who needs a birthday gift or Christmas present.
Albert of Chesterfield, VA October 13th, 2017
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