Stauer Reviews and Testimonials

We don't like to brag, so we let our customers do the talking. Following is a sampling of some of the pertinent feedback we've received from our customers.

"I can't begin to describe the gorgeous ring - it is absolutely stunning. I wondered at the price what it would be like, but this is first class. The workmanship and style is out of this world. I will be purchasing my jewelry from Stauer from now on...Thank you so very much...Great company, too. Please order this ring, you won't be disappointed."

Jan in FL 12/7/2015

"More traditionally sized than many of the current oversized men's watches. Somewhat lighter in weight than similar watches I own, but this was not a problem with my other Stauer Watch which has proved quite durable. Month complication is a nice feature. The watch seems to be well constructed and is a good value for the price. I intend to use it for dress and leisure. I would recommend it to anyone."

B. Smith in NJ 10/22/2015

"This is a wonderful piece ok history. When I tell people the history of the ring, they are amazed. I'm into history and this is the most amazing of anything I've read about and I now have a piece of that history!!! Truly amazed!"

BIRD in OK 10/22/2015

"I recently received my Jimmy Stewart Bomber Watch and I must say that this watch is more than I expected. The watch face is very stylistic and easy to read at a glance. The leather band is of good quality and I like the white stitch detailing. Even the presentation watch case that it came in is a class act. Wouldn't expect any less of a watch with Jimmy Stewart's signature on it. I just love everything about it. This is now my favorite watch."

Capt. Bob in OH 10/21/2015

"Wondering if the ring is as brilliant as the pictures make it look? Well put your mind at ease. I just received this ring for my wife as a birthday gift in the mail today. I didn’t really know what to expect out of a piece of jewelry this affordable, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and saw it in real life. I have bought far more expensive diamond jewelry for her in the past and this ring out shines and out sparkles all of them. It was more stunning than I could have imagined. I can't wait to see her face when she opens her present this year. Now I'm just hoping she doesn't want the rest of her jewelry replaced with as stunning pieces as this ring, but if she does I will be visiting Stauer again.

David in IL 10/14/2015

"I ordered this ring in early November, anticipating that it would be here in time for Christmas. I didn't receive it, but when I checked online it said it had been delivered. I called Stauer, and they assured me that the ring had been delivered, but the fact that I had not received it, they would send one out. I had indicated that I needed it in time for Christmas, and he didn't really negotiate that. But I felt better that they were sending a new ring... The NEXT day the reordered ring arrived!!! It is absolutely gorgeous, I took it to my jeweler to have him size it, and I told him that it was not "real" so to speak. He looked at it closely and said there would be no problem sizing it, but he exclaimed how amazed he was at the construction of the ring and how strong it was put together. And of course -- I LOVE this ring, and everyone thinks it's real -- so you won't hear me ever say otherwise! I want to thank Stauer for their very friendly customer service. "

SF in ID 10/13/2015

"This is a fun to wear, classy chronograph that is a bit different from other chronographs I've found. The date window is easy to read. The leather strap is comfortable and durable. The face is large and distinctively styled. The watch sits comfortably on my wrist. This is a large watch. The size wears well and does not look gaudy in any way. The deep brown watch band sets off the bezel's gold color, the off-white almost cream color of the face, and I like how it feels while I wear it…. "

HFTH in OH 10/12/2015

"Stauer made the entire process quick, easy, efficient and I ended up paying a fantastic price for a watch I'll love for a lifetime."

E in UT via 10/11/2015

"Thank you for making beautiful, quality jewelry, and at a very reasonable cost."

Walter in NC via 10/11/2015

"I purchased this set for my wife and she has not taken it off since I placed it around her neck. We were on vacation in the west when Mt. St. Helen erupted. The sky was so thick with ash that we could not see to drive. On 5/21 we rented a helicopter and flew down into the crater. It was still puffing. The destruction was unforgettable and to find this beautiful gem made from the devastation is proof that we may fall but we are never defeated. I am ordering another set for my daughter-in-law and I know she will love it also."

John in OH 9/4/2015

"My wife is over the moon for this necklace and earring set. It looks better in real life than the pictures. My wife is getting tons of compliments, including several when we went out to dinner. If you're worried that the pictures somehow make the stones look better than they really are, you've got nothing to worry about."

Bill in UT 9/2/2015

"I received my Mirador Ring and it’s absolutely beautiful. I am enjoying the “looks” that I am getting from the ladies as they can`t help but notice my beautiful ring, I am wearing! I haven`t worn the earrings and necklace but, will wear them this next week when we go to Denver... I know they will only compliment the whole picture of these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Stauer`s will be my only place I will order my jewelry from because of the quality and clarity of your beautiful jewelry and prices! Thank you again. I am very happy!"

Ki in IA 9/2/2015

"Beautifully made and the sparkle is dazzling!!! If you want to change the look, I sometimes wear it with a suede or velvet cord (any color)-just lovely."

Juls in Dover, PA 3/4/2015

"Great looking watch! Took my breath away when I opened the box. Thrilled with the quality and value."

Mark in GA 2/3/2015

"I've had this watch for many months now. Keeps perfect time, and looks great on the wrist when in formal dress. Not too big, or too small, just perfect. Black leather band is first rate and compliments the watch well, and you forget it's on your wrist. One of my favorite watches to wear. Price is unbelievable for this quality."

Brian in Omaha, NE 2/3/2015

"This watch spoke to me on first sight, recalling the old world, all its panache, and how such things never really go out of style. ...With this watch, checking time is a treat, and I thank my lovely wife who made it happen on Christmas morning."

Lynque in Phoenix, AZ 1/19/2015

"... This is a handsome watch with many physical details that come together seamlessly. The open heart feature in front provides the most hypnotic of movements I have ever experienced. The weight of the watch and the fob chain harken to a day of precious metals and exclusive patronage. This is my first pocket watch and the first watch I purchased from Stauer...I am now the owner of six different models all in a matter of weeks. I suppose this is a new kind of addiction!"

Capt. N in Pittsburgh, PA 1/1/2015

"I have began collecting watches for both function and fashion, from trendy LED watches to watches that can go from the mountain tops to the depths of the ocean. This one sits proudly in my case admist them all. I am very pleased with this time piece."

Michael in Smithton, MO. 3/1/2015

"... It is truly a watch like no other. One can spend minutes on end simply gazing at this little machine, from front to back and then back again. It is mesmerizing in a most beguiling manner and is somewhat difficult to believe that all parts required to show time go by is on this little bridge, as you call, spanning across the diameter of the dial."

Capt. N in Pittsburgh, PA 1/1/2015

"Looks and feels like the perfect blend of masculinity, elegance and a solid, high quality work of engineering. I Love This Watch!!!"

Zeke in SLC UT 2/17/2015

"This ring is absoulty beautiful! I have received several complements on it. It's perfect for wearing everyday. I would recommend anyone to buy it. I love this ring."

Bonnie in Longs, SC 3/4/2015

"I bought this for myself, and just can't stop looking at it. It sparkles and shines, even when the light is low. I just can't get enough of it. Thanks Stauer."

Ella in McKinleyville CA 1/17/2015

"What a lovely gift given to me by my older brother for Christmas. I am still in shock, as it is such a beautiful thought and the necklace is beautiful. Thanks to my brother for thinking of me... from your sister, Jan"

Jan in Sussex, WI 1/4/2015

"My husband and I are regular purchasers of Stauer jewelry and watches and we have always been pleased with our purchases!"

Pat in Laurinburg NC 3/27/2015

"I got this ring as a xmas gift from my hubby. Every time I wear it, got so many compliments everywhere I go coz it shines so much and looks so real. Thanks much Stauer for making really good quality rings. Now, I'm looking forward for another set!"

Lyn in St. Ppaul, MN 1/10/2015

"This is such a beautiful watch, and I never stop getting compliments wherever I go. People are even more astonished to learn that it's a reproduction of a horological instrument worn by US Airmen on bombing runs during WWII. The luminous hands, markers, and numerals on both the watch and useful chronograph makes viewing very easy in low light situations, and the precision movement tends to make you forget that you're not only wearing a magnificent piece of American history, but also an accurate, functional timepiece. This is just a fantastic watch, and I can't tell you how much I love it! A+++ Stauer!!!"

Francis in San Francisco, CA 3/4/2015

"Stunning BIG and BEAUTIFUL watch that can be kept on day and night no matter what your doing or where you are."

C.B. in Camas, WA 1/13/2015

"I received this ring today. I was speechless when I opened the box sent by Stauer. It's a cute piece of jewelry. I often order rings from Stauer and I am never disappointed!!!"

Patricia in Phoenix, AZ 1/10/2015

"Absolutely love this ring. Very happy with the look of the stone and setting."

Mary in Lafayette, LA 3/5/2015

"I purchased this ring and it looks and feels great. I get compliments all the time on it."

J Culbertson in Eden Prairie, MN 3/12/2015

"My husband surprised me at Christmas with this gorgeous ring. It is so brilliant in color and sparkly it takes my breath away. Excellent Job once again Stauer. He has been buying me your jewelry for many years... I own many pieces of DiamondAura and Tanzanite bought from your collections. It is all breathtaking."

Pamela in San Antonio TX 1/7/2015

"This ring is unbelievable. I've owned some spectacular high-dollar gemstones in my life and this ring will compete with any of them! I bought it as a gift -- and don't want to give it up! Good going, Stauer!"

Katharine in Shreveport, LA 1/22/2015

"Absolutely stunning. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box."

Hayley in Leacenworth, WA 1/6/2015