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New Earth Lab-Grown Diamonds

You’ve never seen a price like this for laboratory-grown diamonds. Thanks to a breakthrough in technology, Stauer is able to offer diamonds at a quarter the price of mined ones. These are diamonds with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their mined counterparts. These laboratory-grown diamonds are conflict-free. No strip mining was involved. And here’s the best part: They cost at least 80% less. We call it our Impossible Price.

Item# 57088
$299.00 $149.00
Item# WA271
$599.00 $199.00
Item# W4841
$299.00 $149.00
Item# 58752
$499.00 $149.00
Item# 58750
$399.00 $149.00
Item# 58496
$499.00 $149.00
Item# 58755
$499.00 $149.00
1-ctw. VS-SI Diamond, on Sale NOW!

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