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Moissanite Cherish Ring
Moissanite Cherish Ring
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Moissanite Cherish Ring

Item#: W3260
Reg. $499
Now Only $199
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Set tradition on fire

To call it a diamond would be an insult.

Your extraordinary love deserves something uncommonly brilliant.    


There is nothing wrong with diamonds. They’ve been central to modern romance for hundreds of years. Your parents love diamonds. Your grandparents loved diamonds. Your great-grandparents loved diamonds. But just because your great-grandparents did something, that doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Times change. People change. Romance evolves.

You deserve jewelry of your own, set with a brilliant centerpiece that shines brighter than anything seen before. Diamonds are for ordinary love. But yours is an extraordinary love. It calls for something different. Something out of this world. It calls for moissanite.  

Moissanite first broke through Earth’s stratosphere traveling 44 miles a second in a 50,000-year-old meteorite. In 1893, French scientist Henri Moissan discovered moissanite in Arizona’s Canyon Diablo. 

Moissanite is extremely rare in nature. But thankfully, scientists have perfected the creation of this exceptional gem right here on Earth. According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), moissanite outperforms all jewels in terms of its brilliance, fire and luster. Moissanite has “double refraction”–– meaning light goes down into the stone and comes out not once, but twice. No diamond can do this. 

When it comes to price, Stauer challenges tradition too, offering the best price on moissanite you’ll find anywhere on Earth. Your relationship (and wallet) deserve the uncommon brilliance of Stauer’s Moissanite Cherish Ring. 

  • 1 9/10 ctw
  • 14k yellow gold-finished .925 Stering silver setting
  • (1) round 8mm white Moissanite
  • (2) round 3mm white Moissanite
  • (2) round 2.2mm round Moissanite
  • 1.5mm band width
  • Sits 6.5mm high
  • 3.5 grams

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